EkaBank is an alternative credit system
to finance the real economy on trust,
without collateral, without interest and without charge.

To use EkaBank you must have an EkaBank account.

With an EkaBank account you can only
receive money from other EkaBank accounts,
get a loan from EkaBank and transfer money
only to other EkaBank accounts.

The first thing to do to run the system
is open an EkaBank account
and invite others to open an EkaBank account.

When at least three percent of the population
of each country will have an EkaBank account,
almost everyone will want to use EkaBank.

Legacy of the past

The current level of development of productive forces would allow the survival and the full realization of each human being within the limits of nature

But an economic system aimed at maximum enrichment of a minority causes the impoverishment of the majority.

From the division of labor to the private ownership of the means of production, from barter to money, frome income to profit, from money to currency and credit.

Today more than ever, those who control the money control the world and increase their wealth by speculating and loaning money with charge. So, they subtract value to the real economy and wealth to the whole society.

This situation may change, but as Albert Einstein said, «A problem can not be solved, if the way of thinking that created it not change.».

The «problem» is money, or rather the way in which money is managed.

The «way of thinking» that creates the problem is that for living it's necessary to compete instead of cooperate and share with others.

Some say that a society without money would be better but to form it should change mindset and habits.

While waiting for this to happen, what it's possible actually do? And who can do it?

Should be redistributed equally wealth, but should do it those who own more wealth.

They never did it and never will do it.

Should be produce to meet the needs of all rather than for the profit of a few.

But those who have the funds oppose this and those who have no funds can not do it.

Until the change will depend by who has an opposed interest to those who ask it, nothing will ever change!

The peoples might rebel, but history has shown that the use of violence has not changed the reality of the majority of people.

No revolution has ever changed the structure and thereby the relations between dominant and dominated.

Certainly not even need useless words, requests, protests, promises, hopes and illusions.

To change the system it's necessary to adopt a new system.

The viable solution is to use some existing resources in a different way.

Beginning with the credit.

And the peoples can do it without needing to ask.

They can directly take possession of credit management and therefore of money.

It just depends on them.

This idea has produced EkaBank, a new way to manage money and credit.

A new future

EkaBank is not a bank but an alternative community credit system that gives back finance to the real economy, ie to those who need money to live and work.

It's an instrument, insufficient but necessary to trigger a new economic system.

The principle of EkaBank is simple: with credit, give to everyone a chance to meet their basic needs and to carry out an activity or a socially useful function to repay.

And if he can not repay, it's not his fault and he will be helped.

It's not a utopia but a necessity that becomes reality with EkaBank.

Can be considered an unthinkable and extreme solution, a paradigm shift and also a unique systemic exception which however exists and therefore, with its limitations, it is not just an idea but a concrete instrument that can be used.

To use EkaBank you need to have an EkaBank account (totally free).

With EkaBank you can transfer money (to pay and receive) in any currency but only between EkaBank accounts.

So, you can not bring money in EkaBank neither bring out money from EkaBank.

The money managed by EkaBank must remain on the EkaBank accounts EkaBank because in any form it would brought out, that money would be loaned with charge and (since EkaBank accounts do not accrue interest) never would come back in EkaBank, that would remain without money.

Who has an EkaBank account can receive an EkaBank loan on trust, without collateral, without interest and without charge.

The EkaBank loan is credited to the user EkaBank account.

To repay a loan is used the money received from other EkaBank accounts.

Obviously, more will be the EkaBank users, more EkaBank will be effective.

The initial diffusion of EkaBank is entrusted mainly to its users.

According to the rules of complex systems, when three percent of the population of each country will have opened an EkaBank account, almost everyone will want to have an EkaBank account.

When billions of people will be using this system, the principle of EkaBank will be realized, the credit will no longer be necessary and EkaBank not need it anymore.

Unfortunately, you can not have everything and at once.

To have and you need to be and to be you need to strive to understand and act.

Understand and use EkaBank means accelerating events, quickly resolve what seems unsolvable.

So, the first thing to do is open an EkaBank account and invite others to do the same: costs nothing and you participate in the enhancement of the system to the benefits of a large majority.

In this way, if you really want to change, together we can!

Knowing the present

Before opening an EkaBank account, please read carefully:

EkaBank world

EkaBank is an universal community credit system consisting of accounts of users that approve its principles and accept its rules.
EkaBank is non-profit organization and seeks only to make it possible for anyone to access to credit without interest and without charge.
EkaBank users are part of a single circuit that allows to transfer money only in its interior.
The system is based on responsibility and on the self control of its users.

One account and no charge

Registering is provided an account that can be used freely without cost.
It runs online by a browser, accessing the system via username and password chosen during registration.

Buy and sell

With EkaBank you can make and receive payments quickly and at no additional cost.
From all EkaBank accounts it is possible to accredit any other EkaBank account headed to another system user.
The transaction is secure and immediate.

Loans on trust without interest

EkaBank no gifts but grants a loan on trust and without interest to the user who requests it and plans to be able to return.

What is EkaBank

It is a neutral and reliable tool with transparent rules that allow everyone to get credit without interest on the trust and manage it by an account at no cost.

EkaBank accounts

To be EkaBank user you need to open an EkaBank account.
EkaBank accounts are completely free of charge for opening, maintaining and closing.

Secure shopping

The system is equipped with the appropriate verification tools and protection to prevent errors and cheating.
The SSL communication protocol manage their data without risk of intrusion.

Loans on trust at all

EkaBank gives to each user the ability to receive loans without guarantee and without interest.
The amount and terms of repayment are free to be chosen at the time of the request.