How it works

System access

To participate in EkaBank you need to be EkaBank user.

Can be users persons and organizations from all over the world.

You open a free account on EkaBank site, by which you can perform transactions (receive and make payments), at no additional charge.

Registration requires the user identification, for his and other EkaBank users safety.

In short time the new user is informed of his EkaBank account number via a message sent to the email box specified in the registration phase.

The account is managed online by a browser, accessing by username and password chosen during registration.


With an EkaBank account you can operate only with all other EkaBank accounts, that is, you can only send payments to other EkaBank accounts and you can only receive payments from other EkaBank accounts.

Using app for mobile device you can also make transactions from your smartphone and tablet.

Loans on trust without interest

EkaBank no gifts but grants a loan on trust and without interest to the user who requests it and plans to be able to return.

The amount and terms of repayment of the loan requested should be based on reasonableness and good faith of the user requesting the loan.

The loan request is proposed on this site indicating the loan amount and the time limits provided for repayment.

EkaBank loans repayment

EkaBank loans must be repaid over platinum quantity granted, so it must be refunded the same platinum quantity received.

For the repayment are not provided periodic installments, it is sufficient that, at the date presented in the request as a term, your EkaBank account has an amount at least equal to the sum lent.

This will make possible to carry out the transaction for the proper amount to the account that had credited the loan.

At that point, the loan will be repaid.

In short

A person (or organization) open an EkaBank account and become a member.

By this EkaBank account he can get (receive) money from other EkaBank accounts and can receive a loan from EkaBank.

By the same EkaBank account he can transfer (pay) money to other EkaBank accounts.

If he has received a loan, he repays it with money received from other EkaBanks accounts.